2023/01/18 Release Notes (For Clients)

To all of our valued clients,

Thank you for choosing anybot to meet your business needs. There are many updates for the week of 1/18 that we hope will make your experiences with our services more pleasant and streamlined, including (but not limited to) the following:

Information procured from anybot chatflow actions can now be saved directly into Google Spreadsheets

This feature allows clients to link their spreadsheet documents with anybot by providing spreadsheet information on the extension settings in the chatflow actions/ miniapp buttons. Specified data will be automatically updated and triggered by user actions.

Evolany's LINE partner ID is now registered with LINE's open channels

Now LINE's open channels are registered using LINE's partner registration API with Evolany’s LINE Partner ID. Furthermore, the script responsible for registering will execute automatically every year.

Hover text has been added to the audience list view

In order to facilitate a better user experience, hover text hints were added for "read" and "unread" filter options in the audience list view for broadcasts.

The Web version of the chatbot now appears in wide screen

Previously, the web simulator displayed a mobile phone-sized resolution inside the desktop browser. The UI has been updated so to fill the screen when opening this page on desktop. Additionally, the menus for the web simulator have been moved from the header to a left menu panel when viewed on desktop, and can now support up to 8 menu options.


Notable Fixes

  • Single-line inputs within miniapp components in the miniapp editor are now saved upon pressing the "Enter" key.
  • The numerical value for the "inquiries" and "unread" tabs have been unified.
  • Backend code has been refined to improve performance with the reservation feature.
  • UI improvements have been made to the Broadcast popup in the "Users" page.

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