2022/12/21 Release Notes

To all of our valued clients,

Thank you for choosing anybot to meet your business needs. There are many updates for the week of 12/21 that we hope will make your experiences with our services more pleasant and streamlined, including (but not limited to) the following:

Release Notes can now be accessed from the anybot landing page

Clients can now access the latest release notes for anybot by accessing the "Cases" page and scrolling down to the "Release Notes" section:


Miniapp folders can be imported and exported into other bots

Now a folder for miniapps can be exported with views. When importing, the order of the views and the view transitions within a view in the same folder will be retained.

Folders have been added to the Custom tab so previous custom codes can be stored

Previously in the custom tab on the app settings page, JS and CSS codes did not have a folder. This was inconvenient for some clients because there were long code snippets which were difficult to maintain. As a solution, this feature allows users to create folders in the JS and CSS tabs so that it becomes easily maintainable. A disable feature was also added so the user can decide which code blocks need to be affected.

Notable Fixes

  • The "UI Custom" tab has been renamed to "Custom", and hover text has been changed to "Customize Web chatbots and miniapps" (in English) and "Webチャットボットやミニアプリ変更" (in Japanese).
  • Card lists within the broadcast page are now scrollable.
  • Card and image carousels that are set to display events, coupons, etc. now reflect changes made to these elements immediately.
  • The swipe widget within a miniapp now closes and returns the user to the LINE chat screen.
  • Within the chatflow, text item button icons no longer overlap with each other.
  • Functionality of the "Reset user richmenu" button has returned to API 2.0 accounts.
  • Several back-end changes were made to the "Session expired" popup to improve functionality.

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