Cosme Kitchen & Biople have launched a game campaign using Evolany's service "anybot"


Cosme Kitchen and Biople, natural and organic boutiques operated by MASH Beauty lab Co.,Ltd., have adopted the anybot game campaign produced by Evolany to encourage DX and eco-friendly promotions at their stores via LINE game marketing.

The Benefits of LINE Game Campaigns

1. More LINE friends

The game campaign participants need to scan the QR code and follow the official LINE account. As a result, the LINE campaign can quickly increase the number of the official account's LINE friends to increase sales, obtain customer information, and reach out to customers efficiently.

2. More Repeat and Loyal Customers

Prior to digital advertising, it was difficult for companies to obtain customer information and communicate with them after the campaign. However, as this LINE campaign requires customers to follow the LINE account before participation, it allows brands to gain their information and reach out to them even after the campaign through coupon distributions and other approaches.

3. Less Costs

The traditional analog campaign requires high labor costs in the distribution of printed materials, setting up of campaign corners, and the employment of campaign staff. Digitization of the campaign can minimize the labor costs involved in the campaign and allow stores that are short on staff to operate campaigns.

4. Environmental protection

Digitization of the campaign will eliminate the need for printed campaign tickets, allowing the brand to operate eco-friendly and sustainable campaigns.

About the Campaign


November 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022

【Participating Stores】

Cosme Kitchen, Biople *Some stores are an exception

【Requirements for Participation】

None, but each person can participate only once per day


Coupon for up to 20% off

【How to participate】

Scan the QR codes on the shelves of ecostore and next to the cash register at each store to play the Gacha Gacha game.

From Song Yu, CEO of Evolany Corporation

Since our establishment in 2018, we have supported around 3,500 businesses - from huge enterprises to small shops in digitalizing their operations and increasing their operational efficiency. While there is a need to promote digitization, it is still limited in the retail and restaurant industries due to labor and financial shortages. Thus, we created the LINE mini-app "anybot," which includes all the features required for the digitization of stores, such as reservations, a membership card, and a gaming campaign. Compared to developing a mobile application from scratch, it can be done at a much lower cost and in a much shorter time. We hope that this breakthrough technology can contribute to the digitalization of more stores and help them recover from the decline in sales stemming from the COVID pandemic.

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